Don’t cry because its over

cry because you’re ugly



  • Did not cry
  • Did not breakdown
  • Did not throw a tantrum
  • Did not show weakness
  • Did not run away
  • Did not blame Tyrion for what happened
  • Did not have to be dragged down the aisle
  • Did not constantly complain
  • Did not place blame onto others


  • Did hold her head high despite her emotional distress
  • Did keep her composure
  • Did act like a lady
  • Did stay strong
  • Did stay graceful
  • Did her best
  • Did what you probably couldn’t have done

^ reasons why sansa is the best stark ever

Anonymous: hey love is everything okey?

yes, its all fine, i might return to this blog. I was busy with some real life stuff but i might change the theme and stuff

Anonymous: Hey yo, Sick-Toy, you wouldn't happen to be into Touhou, Madoka Magica, or Cave Story, would you?